Center For Nonprofit Excellence Charlottesville

The Center for Nonprofit Excellence (CNE) is a nonprofit reresource facility and capacity structure organization that looks for to strengthen nonearnings to realize the potential of our community. We think that solid nonprofits create strong communities.

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“I pick to connect and also partner via CNE because they are the nonprofit ‘North Star’…They are the ones that push our nonprofit area forward and also provide much required guidance and structure in everything from board management training to publishing project listings, and also national trfinish data–they have it all!”

Due to the fact that 2005, CNE has actually grown to represent a varied community of over 300 member organizations and strategic partnerships throughout the state. Due to the fact that our beginning, we’ve been committed to three grounding values for doing business:


We carry out education and learning, consulting and resources to create strong leaders, efficient supervisors and also healthy partners. We are always finding out, always teaching to ensure that nonrevenues have actually the devices they need to be experienced, run with integrity and maximize their affect. We have actually a high standard for our very own performance bereason our ideology is to lead by instance.

We succeed once nonrevenues carry out good work better.

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We invest our time, expertise and sources to promote collaboration, which empowers a more efficient and also efficient nonprofit sector, and we proactively look for our own strategic partnerships to leverage this work. We are an honest broker, focused on sustaining nonearnings whatever their mission to better steward their sources and rise their affect. We are pragmatic; we look for useful, achievable remedies that fit the institutions and coalitions via which we occupational.

We succeed when we help nonearnings clear obstacles to participation, and recognize and attend to systemic challenges that impede their success. 


We think in and also advocate for a strong, independent nonprofit sector. Nonprofits are essential to the vitality of our area. We respect and also nurture the sector so it deserve to perform the important and also challenging work of producing a social safety and security net, promoting civic engagement, protecting the environment and enriching us with arts, education and learning and society.

We succeed as soon as nonearnings are recognized for their financial affect, perceived as efficient agents of readjust and engaged via area partners to solve genuine problems and enhance our lives.