Center For Nonprofit Excellence Charlottesville Va

CNE strengthens nonprofits to realize the potential of our areas. We perform this by:

EDUCATING nonprofit professionals and board members.

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When nonrevenues control efficiently they have actually a better impact. We develop expertise, confidence and also enthusiasm in nonprofit specialists, board members and volunteers through our Trainings, Cutting edge Trainings, Consulting, and also wide selection of offerings for boards and also board members to satisfy them wright here they are as component of our Governance Matters regime. 

DEVELOPING leaders. CNE believes solid leaders are important to the success of any kind of nonprofit. CNE supports nonprofit leaders and prepares arising sector leaders in peer learning teams with programs choose our Board Academy, Management Academy, Finance Academy, and Leaders Circles.

FACILITATING collaboration. CNE recognizes the huge potential of nonprofit teamwork to fix complex social concerns. We administer consulting, training, assistance and also neighborhood forums to connect the sector and facilitate effective cooperation with our CoLab program.

CONNECTING members of the nonprofit sector and also the community. CNE understands the prestige of building a network of peers and also engaging through partners. Our programs and events, such as Philanthropy Day, provide a forum through which nonprofits, and also the areas they serve, deserve to gather and also exreadjust concepts and information. 

ADVISING nonprofit establishments. CNE is a trusted, listening ear for nonprofit professionals, board members and volunteers. Through email, phone or in-perboy consultation, nonprofit institutions deserve to call on us to answer questions or help resolve issues on a variety of nonprofit topics.

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INSPIRING transformation. CNE values innovation and remains on peak of new resources and devices that have the right to aid the nonprofit sector flourish and deepen its affect. CNE creates brand-new programs, strives to dig deeper to support nonearnings in new means, and constantly tries to remain one step ahead of emerging fads. Subscribe to CNE"s eNewsletter for upcoming CNE occasions and trainings, news around the nonprofit community and also sector, and write-ups of interemainder.

CNE is a membership organization that brings the most relevant trainings, education and learning, tools and sources to nonprofit boards, staff and volunteers. We lug over 300 member organizations together to make our communities much better locations to live.

Because 2006, CNE has actually served as a trusted reresource for the local nonprofit area by transporting a vast selection of programs and also services. Today, CNE offers more methods than ever to assist our member organizations accomplish their mission and also maximize impact.

Members depend on CNE’s understanding and also specialization to carry out them through information, understanding and also direction. CNE’s events and programs confirm the prestige of the network in building partnerships, collaborations and sharing understanding. Our leading-edge programs construct management, management and cooperation skills. And our service and also consultant members, supplying exclusive discounts to member organizations, help to cut business expenses.

Our members expectancy the nonprofit sector in range and scope— from tiny, neighborhood-focused institutions, to huge, neighborhood assistance agencies. Together, we deepen our affect sustaining each other in our mutual vision to strengthen our communities

We believe once nonprofits are more powerful and also even more sustainable, they have actually a better affect and create a much more thriving area.

We perform not provide sanctuary for the homemuch less or feed the hungry, however we overview those who execute to make the best decisions for their organizations. We carry out nonprofit education, assistance, and also a listening ear to hundreds of individuals on the forefront of nonprofit work who supply critical solutions to those in require.