Following the introduction of digital education and learning, MBAs have actually been just one of the a lot of well-known levels — no surpclimb. MBA-holders average a $90k salary, and on average reap higher employment rates and also better positions than their non-MBA countercomponents. Still, not eextremely business-minded individual is established for a financially rewarding career in finance, marketing, consulting, or other more conventional company trajectories; and also the increase of social entrepreneurship and impact investing has actually rejuvenated the nonprofit sector, which is sometimes viewed as lengthy on mission however brief on the essential business know-how. To answer this demand, MBA programs are providing nonprofit specializations to fill the gap — but, even then, digital tracks for nonprofit work-related are rare. Below we’ve gathered 10 of the best MBAs in Nonprofit Management as a overview.

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Affordcapability (1/3):Typical indebtedness of routine graduates in the last calendar year.Percentage of graduates that needed to take on student loan debt.Support Services (1/3):Online-certain adaptability, accessibility and also assistance measures for virtual and also non-standard studentsQuality Classes (1/3):The average class sizeThe percentage of faculty through terminal levels in their field

1. Johnboy & Wales University

Founded in 1914, Johnchild & Wales University has a complete enrollment of around 9,500, the majority of of which is undergraduate. Ranked among the best institutions in the region by US News, the school’s 20:1 student-to-faculty ratio fosters a vivid, collaborative finding out community that also leaves room for individualized instruction. Half of classes consist of fewer than 20 students, and none have actually more than 50. Financial help is additionally common: over 70% of undergraduates obtain a kind of assist, and also the average need met is 67%. For maximum flexibility, adgoals are rolling.

J&W’s digital MBA in Nonprofit Management consists of 54 credits (or 63, if foundational courses are needed) and also deserve to be completed in as bit 18 months by means of accelerated 11-week modules, accommodating functioning specialists and also adult learners. The curriculum emphasizes valuable, career-oriented learning: in addition to core needs, students take Theory and also Practice of Nonprofit Management and Methodological, Decision-Making, and also Analytic Techniques. From tright here, students have actually the opportunity to customize their level via electives choose Reresource Growth for Nonearnings, Social Entrepreneurship, Ethics and also Social Change, and also Personnel Deployment in Nonearnings. All students finish Business Policy and Strategy as a caprock. Applicants that have earned at leastern a 2.85 undergraduate GPA aren’t forced to sfinish GMAT scores.

Tuition Per Credit: $462

2. Concordia College – Nebraska

Founded in 1894, Concordia College has actually a complete enrollment of 2,500, split between undergraduate and graduate students. Ranked among the top 50 colleges in the Midwest, US News also ranks it among the height 15 colleges for worth. The university’s 14:1 student-to-faculty ratio guarantees a extremely personalized instruction along with a collaborative, vivid educational area. Over half of classes have fewer than 20 students, and also less than 2% have actually over 50. Concordia additionally renders an initiative to assistance financial help opportunities: practically three-quarters of undergrads receive some create of assist, and the average meed met is 80%.

Concordia’s virtual MBA in Nonprofit Management consists of 36 credits (12 courses), yielded in accelerated 8-week blocks to accommodate functioning specialists. In enhancement to 8 core classes – favor Leadership And Organizational Behavior, Corpoprice Finance, and Strategic Marketing — students take Nonprofit Management, Organizational Resource Management, Public Program Evaluation, and also a caprock in Strategic Management. All courses are asynchronous and also self-paced, and hybrid shipment is accessible for those interested in some standard on-campus course work-related. The program objectives include: developing a nonprofit organization plan tied to a characterized mission; discovering to regulate a staff that has part-time and also volunteer workers; and using entrepreneurship to create innovative remedies for societal problems. The program is accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Firm Education.

Tuition Per Credit: $697

3. Crvery own College

Founded in 1916, Crown College, in St. Bonifacius, MN, has actually a total enrollment of 1,200 and is ranked among the height 50 schools in the Midwest. Crown’s 18:1 student-to-faculty ratio promotes individualized instruction and also collaborative, peer-to-peer finding out to support a tight-knit educational area. Nearly fifty percent of all classes have actually less than 20 students, and simply 4% of classes have even more than 50. Crown is especially worth noting for affordability: MONEY Magazine has actually ranked it in “50 Colleges That Add the Most Value”, and also the CCUU ranked in the “Top 10 Many Affordable Christian Colleges in the Midwest” list (tuition is 20-40% cheaper than comparable schools in the region). Of undergrads, 85% obtain some develop of financial assist, and also the average need met is 64%.

Crvery own College’s digital MBA in Nonprofit Management is composed of 42 credits, including 27 core and 15 concentration; those encompass courses choose Non-Profit Law, Marketing for Nonrevenues, Leadership and Management for Nonrevenues, Financial Management for the Nonprofit, and also Fundelevating and also Philanthropy. Following the college’s spiritual background, all courses emphadimension Christian-concentrated solutions to humanitarian and social concerns on a neighborhood level. Accommodating functioning professionals and also adult learners, students generally finish the degree in 2.5 years. Crown is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and also is a member of National Association of College and University Business Officers.

Tuition Per Credit: $515

4. American Public University

Amerihave the right to Public College, established in 1991, specializes in online education, with an enrollment of 100,000 students and offices in Charles Town, West Virginia, and also Manassas, Virginia. The APU is additionally affiliated via the American Military University and member of the American Public University System. Nearly on 60% of students are energetic duty or military veterans, and 17,000 are enrolled through the GI Bill. In 2012, the university agreed to a corporate partnership via WalMart, which has spent $50 million on tuition grants; employees get a 15% tuition discount. In spite of its dimension, APU maintains a collaborative, intimate discovering community via an 18:1 student-to-faculty proportion.

APU’s digital MBA in Nonprofit Management consists of 39 credits, which deserve to be completed in 2 years on a full-time basis. In enhancement to core business courses, students take Financial Management in Nonprofit Organizations, Nonprofit Organization and also Executive Leadership, Nonprofit Fundincreasing Planning and Implementation, and also Nonprofit Law, Governance, and also Ethics. For students with previous academic credit, APU’s generous carry policy of approximately 15 credits — earned through previous college courses, military service institutions, Amerideserve to Council on Education (ACE) and also College Level Examination Program (CLEP) tests, and also prior learning experiences — can accelerate degree completion time. The routine is designed for maximum versatility, and monthly begin dates permit students to begin course job-related according to their very own schedules. It is acattributed by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

Tuition Per Credit: $350

5. Tiffin University

Located in north Ohio, Tiffin College was established in 1888; this day its enrollment stands at 4,300. Tiffin’s 11:1 student-to-faculty ratio supports a highly intimate, collaborative educational setting that prioritizes personalized instruction. Over half of classes consist of fewer than 20 students, and less than 1% have actually over 50. With its emphasis on social affect, three-quarters of Tiffin students get involved in community business or volunteer work. Tiffin additionally provides a broad selection of student services, consisting of counseling, tutoring, an scholastic assistance facility, an e-library for online students, and also more. The university is acattributed by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). Adobjectives are rolling.

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Tiffin’s online MBA in Nonprofit Management is composed of 36 credits, which deliver in accelerated 7-week blocks founding in January, March, May, July, August, and October to accommoday working professionals and also adult learners. Courses include organization core classes favor Financial Accounting, Managerial Economics, and Firm Research Analysis, in addition to concentration classes Principles of Non-Profit Management, Governance & Stakeholder Management in Non-Profit Organizations, Financial Management and Fund Advancement in Non-Profits, and also Program Management and Strategic Planning in Non-Profits. Applicants through a 3.0 undergraduate GPA will be accepted; otherwise, applicants must have actually earned a 2.5 GPA or have 5 years of job-related suffer. Tiffin’s routine is accredited by the Association of Collegiate Firm Schools and Programs (ACBSP) and also the European Council for Company Education (ECBE).

Tuition Per Credit: $700

6. Hope International University

Founded in 1928, Hope International College, in Fullerton, CA, has actually a total enrollment of 1,300. HIU has substantially increased its online offerings in recent years to meet the rising demand for flexible, affordable education, and also now offers a large variety of undergraduate and graduate programs 100% online, many kind of of which deliver asynchronously to accommoday students’ distinct schedules. As a Christian university, all programs combine religious worths and also ideas. It has been accredited by the Western Association of Schools and also Colleges Senior College and College Commission (WSCUC) in 1969 and ended up being a member of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities in 1993.

Hope’s online MBA in Nonprofit Management consists of 36 credits (42 for those that need foundational prerequisites). Divided right into 3 systems — Servant Leadership, Nonprofit Management, and also Policy and also Decision-Making – concentration classes encompass Human being Resource Management, Fundelevating, Conshort-term Issues for Non-Profit Management, and Boards, Committees, and Leadership. To prepare students for digital finding out, HIU enables you to test-drive a course, as well as providing an digital information session. Additional resources encompass career solutions, tech support, e-library solutions, financial aid, and a generous deliver policy. For those interested, a associated MBA in Firm As Mission/ Social Entrepreneurship is additionally available.

Tuition Per Credit: $550

7. New England also College

Founded in 1946, New England also College is a private liberal arts college in Henniker, New Hampshire, through an enrollment of 2,600 (1,000 undergraduate, 1,000 graduate, 600 online). The school’s 19:1 student-to-faculty ratio supports an intimate, very collaborative educational establishing, and also 80% of classes consist of much less than 20 students. All NEC programs emphasize experiential finding out to construct manual insights and also training. In addition to being ranked among the best colleges in the region, New England also also earned the President’s 2014 Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll and has been detailed on Time‘s “Colleges That Have Diversified the Most.” It is accredited by the New England also Association of Schools and Colleges.

NEC offers an digital MS in Management through a concentration in Nonprofit Leadership, which deserve to be completed in much less than 2 years. Designed for maximum flexibility to accommodate full-time professionals and also adult learners, new start dates are available every 7 weeks, and all courses are 100% virtual, enabling students to work-related according to their very own individual schedules. The curriculum follows a multidisciplinary method, spanning areas like nonprofit governance, fundraising, task administration, management, volunteer monitoring, and human sources.

Tuition Per Credit: $680

8. National Louis University

Located in Chicearlier — through extra campoffers in Wisconsin, Florida, and also Poland also – National Louis University has a full enrollment of 4,400 and also is ranked regionally by US News. To satisfy the climbing need for functional and affordable education, NLU has broadened its online offerings, and also over 90% of its 7,600-student enrollment research studies on a part-time basis. NLU likewise emphasizes an individualized, intimate education setting, and over 90% of classes have actually fewer than 20 students. Notable graduates incorporate John Merikis, CEO of The Sherwin-Williams Company; Lydia Stephens, former Executive Vice President of MSG Network; Rictough Davidboy, President and CEO of Century 21 Real Estate; and also countless other service executives, political leaders, artists, and also expert athletes.

National Louis’s digital MBA in Nonprofit Management consists of 39 credits, including general organization core requirements and classes prefer Strategic Fundelevating and also Philanthropy, plus Nonprofit Organization, Governance, and also Management. In particular, the hands-on curriculum intends to help students build mission-pushed nonprofit organizations; identify, assess, and also fix significant organizational issues; develop relationships through stakeholders; and sustain and also expand existing nonprofits that contribute to essential neighborhoods and humale welfare. Designed for working specialists and adult learners, the programs likewise offer transfer credits for prior suffer to acceleprice graduation time. For those interested, the program freshly started a blfinished delivery format, combining tailored online discovering via cohort-based, in-course course job-related. It is accredited by the IACBE.

Tuition Per Credit: $781

9. Concordia College – Chicago

Concordia College – Chicearlier, founded in 1864, has actually a total enrollment of 5,200, the majority of of which is graduate. With a 15:1 student-to-faculty proportion, Concordia Chicago areas an emphasis on personalized education and learning and also peer-to-peer discovering. Nat an early stage 80% of classes have fewer than 20 students, and none have more than 49. CUC’s virtual programs have significantly expanded in recent years, and incorporate students from 37 claims and 26 international countries. Althe majority of half of CUC graduate students are 100% digital. CUC additionally provides terrific financial help opportunities: 86% of undergrads received some form of help, and also the average require met is 75%. Concordia Chicback is acattributed by the Higher Learning Commission.

Consisting of 36 credits, Concordia Chicago’s online MBA in Not-for-Profit Management builds on the MBA’s 4 pillars — Ethics and Social Responsibility, Critical Thinking and Entrepreneurial Mindset, Communication and also Human being Relations, and also Global Interconnectedness and Inclusiveness — contains classes prefer Summary to NFP Organizations, Financial Management of NFP Organizations, Fund Growth & Management, and Board Governance & Management of Volunteers. Courses provide in increased 8-week blocks, or students may select to development on an asynchronous, self-paced basis. For those interested, Concordia likewise offers a Not-for-Profit Management certificate and the option to seek a double expertise in Accounting, Digital Marketing, Finance, Health Care Management, Leadership and also Change Management, or Sports Management. CUC’s College of Business is a member of the Accreditation Council for Firm Schools and also Programs (ACBSP).

Tuition Per Credit: $699

10. Chaminade College of Honolulu

Founded in 1955, Chaminade University of Honolulu is a exclusive Catholic liberal arts college via a complete enrollment of 1,900. Ranked among the optimal colleges in the West area, US News has likewise highlighted it as a top-30 choice for veterans. Chaminade’s 10:1 student-to-faculty ratio promotes an intimate, tight-knit finding out neighborhood that permits for individualized instruction and also collaborative education and learning. Nearly 60% of classes consist of fewer than 20 students, and also less than .5% have actually 50 or even more. Financial assist is additionally available: 71% of undergrads get some create of help, and the average need met is 70%. With its Christian background, Chaminade “urges the breakthrough of ethical character, individual competencies, and a commitment to develop a simply and tranquil society.”

Chaminade’s virtual MBA in Not-for-Profit Management is composed of 36 credits: in addition to general business core needs, classes include Social Enterpclimb Management, Government Relations, Not-for-Profit Organizations, and Strategic Issues in Philanthropy. (Several elective alternatives are embedded, as well.) All courses are very versatile, and accelerated 10-week delivery blocks suppose full time students can complete their degree in as little as 18-21 months. In general, Chaminade looks for applicants that have actually earned a 3.0 undergraduate GPA and at leastern 3 years of expert experience; admissions are rolling, and also tright here are four begin dates each year. The program is acattributed by the Internationwide Assembly for Collegiate Firm Education.