The Kentucky Articles of Incorporation Non-profit Corporation | Form NAI should be filed via the Kentucky Secretary of State Division of Firm Services. This form will just provide the fundamental framework for the articles. If there is not enough room, additional provisions are to be contained, or various other documentation attached then you have to draft and also execute your own write-ups as a sepaprice record making certain to report all the indevelopment that need to be on this create (as per KRS 271B) and also the additional indevelopment you wish to or are forced to report. Whether you draft your very own short articles or usage this form to register your nonprofit corporation you must mail the originals to Aliboy Lunderfan Grimes, Office of the Secretary of State, P.O. Box 718, Kentucky, KY 40602-0718. Payment for the filing fee ($8.00) should be submitted via the posts as a inspect or money order made out to “Kentucky State Treasurer.”

Incorporators must be aware that filing the write-ups satisfies the State of Kentucky’s mandatory filing for creating a nonprofit corporation and also does not instantly provide Tax Exempt Status. The Internal Revenue Service will certainly have a sepaprice procedure to apply for taxes exempt status. This is a basic form to develop a nonprofit corporation and also is not 501(c) compliant. Incorporators are advised to call the Internal Revenue Service and/or an attorney prior to illustration up their very own write-ups for this objective.

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How To File

Downpack Form

Tip 1 – You may download the Kentucky Articles of Incorporation Corporation here: Form NAI. Once this is downloaded you might either fill it out on the screen using a PDF modifying regimen or you may print it, then fill it out.

Step 2 – The initially item that will certainly require attention is Post I. Here, you need to enter the Full Name of the corporation you are utilizing these write-ups to form.

Step 3 – Blog post II is the next item. You need to report the Purpose for developing this coproation on the empty line gave. Explain the factor for producing this entity and report exactly how it will certainly operate in the State of Kentucky.

Step 4 – The next item requiring attention is Post III. In this item, you must report the Full Name of the Registered Agent for this corporation on the first blank line easily accessible.

Tip 5 – The next blank line, in Message III, will certainly be damaged up into 4 spaces. Here, you have to report the Street Address, City, State, and also Zip Code of the physical place in the State of Kentucky, the Registered Agent might be situated. It have to be provided that a Message Offic Box is not an acceptable Street Addresses.

Step 6 – Tright here will certainly be 4 empty lines in Post IV. These have to be offered to enter the Mailing Address of the nonprofit corporation’s Principal Office. On the first empty room enter the Street Address or PO Box Number of the Principal Office. On the second blank area, enter the City of the Principal Office. On the fourth and fifth empty spaces, enter the State and also Zip Code for the Principal Office’s Mailing Address (respectively).

Step 7 – The following section requiring attention will certainly be Blog post V. Here, you should report the variety of Directors on the initial Board of Directors on the initially blank room offered. Tright here must be at least three.

Tip 8 – The second area of Article V is made up of 3 blank lines, each booked for a Director’s Full Name and Mailing Address (Name, Street/PO Box Number, City, State, and also Zip Code) to be listed.

Tip 9 – Post VI requires the Name and Mailing Address of each Incorporator to be reported. Tright here is sufficient room to report 3 (each one acquiring his/her very own line). You may carry out this by filling in the proper indevelopment on the spaces gave (Name, Street Address or Article Office Box Number, Cit, State, Zip Code).

Step 10 – The last area will seek to specify the Date of Incorporation and also bind the Incorporator and Registered Agent to this document. If you wish the Effective Date of these write-ups to be later on, then find the empty line labeled “Delayed efficient date and/or time” in Post VII then report the preferred Date of Incorporation. If these write-ups are to go in effect upon filing then leave this blank.

Step 11 – The initially Signature line in Article VII is reserved for the Incorporator of this entity. On the blank space labeled “Signature of Incorporator,” the Incorporator have to sign his or her name. He/she need to then Publish his or her Name and also Title. Finally, on the 3rd area, the Incorporator should report the Date of the Signature.

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Step 12 – The last Signature area will certainly provide acknowledgement and also consent from the Registered Agent concerning his or her duty to this entity. On the space labeled “Publish Name of Registered Agent,” the Registered Agent have to print his or her name. Then on the last line, the Registered Agent have to administer his/her Signature, Printed Name and Title, and Date of Signature.


Tip 13 – You need to mail the completed original and also one copy of the Kentucky Articles of Incorporation Non-Profit Corporation | Form NAI and a inspect or money order that is payable to “Kentucky State Treasurer” for $8.00 to complete your part of the filing procedure.

Mail To:

Aliboy Lunderfan GrimesOffice of the Secretary of StateP.O. Box 718Kentucky, KY 40602-0718

How To Documents Online

Step 1 – Go to the OneSoptimal Firm Portal page here: then log in with your user name and password.

Step 2 – Select the “Business Registration” button located at the peak of the web page.

Step 3 – Select the Secretary of State logo on the left side of the web page to proceed via your Kentucky Secretary of State filing.


Step 4 – In the “Firm Formation Page,” pick the initially radio button, “A business that will be developed in Kentucky.” Then utilizing the drop down list below this first section, below the words “Select the company structure you are creating for the business you are registering,” choose “Non-Profit Corporation” from the drop dvery own list. When ready, select the “Next” switch.


Step 5 – Read the disclaimer statement, then click on the inspect box next to the statement beginning via the words “I have review and understand…” Once you have done this, choose the switch labeled “Next.”


Tip 6 – On this following web page, you will must enter the “Registration Contact Information.” This will need the First Name, Last Name, Middle Name (if applicable), E-Mail Address, and Phone Number for the Contact Human that is authorized to correspond with the Kentucky Secretary of State on behalf of the non-profit corporation being developed. After filling in this information, pick “Add Registration Contact.” Note: If you have not formerly gone into this information, you will certainly should repeat Step 4, yet the display screen will certainly retain the answers you have previously selected.

Step 7 – The following page, “Firm Name Search,” shall need the Name you have chosen for the non-profit corporation being developed to be entered in the text box labeled “Company Name.” You will additionally be forced to select a Sufsettle from the drop down food selection on the best of this. You must select an correct word of incorporation sufsolve, such as Corporation, Incorporated, or a reasonable abbreviation of either word. Then, examine the box verifying that you “accept the terms of the disclaimer.” When you are ready pick the button labeled “Search.”

Step 8 – If the Name you have chosen is available, the statement “Business Name is available” will certainly appear. Below this statement will certainly be the question “Would you like to repursuit this name for registering your business?” Select “Yes” if you perform, select “No” if you would certainly prefer to try a different Name. When you are all set, select the button labeled “Next.”

Tip 9 – Next off you will need to enter the Registered Agent indevelopment for the non-profit corporation being formed. The initially step will be to show if the Registered Agent is an Individual or a Business by choosing among these selections from the drop down list labeled “Is the registered agent representing the agency as an individual or a business?” Once you make your selection the appropriate fields will certainly show up.

Step 10 – You might pick to auto populate the compelled fields if you have actually formerly entered this business’s or individual’s indevelopment by choose the check box labeled “Use information from Previous Association” then picking the proper party from the drop down list on the ideal. Otherwise, in the left column, you will need to enter the Registered Agent’s Zip Code in the Zip Code Field then the Building Number, Street, and also Suite Number in Address Line 1 (Address Line 2 is offered need to you call for even more room), the City will certainly have actually its very own area, the State might be selected from a drop down list, and also the County will certainly be schosen from the drop down list as well. In the column on the best, enter the First Name, Middle Name (if applicable), Last Name, E-mail Address, and also Phone Number of the Registered Agent. The Attention line is offered have to this be a particular individual in a service. Once you have entered indevelopment right into the proper areas, select the switch labeled “Add Registered Agent.”


Tip 11 – The Principal Office Address display screen will the Full Address of the nonprofit corporation’s Principal Office. This will certainly call for the Counattempt to be schosen from a drop dvery own food selection, the Zip Code to be gone into in the “Zip/Postal Code” field, the Street Address in the Address Line 1 (and also if necessary the Address Line 2) area, the City gone into in the City field, and the State to be selected from the drop down food selection gave. Once you have entered this indevelopment select the button labeled, “Save.” Once you have done this select the “Next” switch.

Step 12 – Next off you will must report the Purpose of this corporation. Note: if this entity plans on using for Tax-Exempt Status at any type of time in the future, 501 (c)(3) compliant language may be required. It is strongly recommfinished to confer with the Internal Revenue Service before submitting these write-ups if this is the case. From the drop dvery own lists, suggest if the Business Representative is an Individual or a Business then suggest if you are entering indevelopment for a Director or an Incorporator.

Tip 13 – Next off you will need to add a Company Representative for this corporation. The Kentucky Business Portal will certainly alert you regarding the type of entity you have to register. In this case, we will must report on three Board of Directors and one Incorporator. Once you specify who you are entering information for, the correct fields will certainly show up. You need to fill in all forced areas.

Step 14 – You need to currently select the Counattempt from a drop dvery own list, enter the Zip Code, Street Address, City, State, County, First Name, Middle Name (if applicable), Email Address, and also Phone Number for each individual or service representative. Once you make an enattempt, you will certainly should select the switch labeled “Save.” After entering the minimum amount of information, you might select the “Next” button.

Step 15 – The next display will certainly be the “Delayed Effective Date” page. Here you might indicate if you would certainly choose an Effective Date that is sepaprice from the Filing Date. If so then click the radio switch labeled “Yes” then enter the Date and Time you would prefer these write-ups to go in result. If not choose the radio button labeled “No.”

Step 16 – Next you will certainly must enter at least one OneSoptimal Business Administrator. If you wish you might make this yourself by picking the box labeled “Make me the One Stop Company Administrator.” This will auto-populate the fields important (if not, you might enter this information individually for anyone who consents to this role). Once you have actually reported the One Stop Business Administrator’s Contact Indevelopment, you may choose the button labeled “Next off.”