Arcola Volunteer Fire Department

Loudoun occupants have the right to feel secure in knowing that the Arcola Volunteer Fire Department is keeping up via the growing needs of its community. Groundbreaking started July 8th on Arcola’s renovation of the old Company kind of 9 building on Gum Springs Road. The job is scheduled to be completed next summer and also will certainly home extra devices for improved service, as well as serve as training and educational space for the department and also as a resource for the community.

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The building to be renovated was the original station of the Arcola Volunteer Fire Department, real estate the department from its inception until 2013 as soon as it relocated to its present location on Belmont Ridge Roadway.

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Mike Gordon, Director-At-Large of the Arcola Volunteer Fire Department kicked off the event, which attracted existing and previous members, reminiscing about the buildings previous and just how it will be used in the future. “It has actually been a lengthy process, but all our hard work and collaboration has actually carried us to this particular day,” said Gordon. “We look forward to this brand-new facility, and exactly how it will permit us to better serve the community.”

LeMay Erickchild Willcox Architects, who have actually operated with the Arcola Volunteer Fire Department over the previous 5 years, throughout 3 various sites, remained in attendance for the groundbreaking. “The building, which has actually undergone numerous enhancements over the years, will certainly have actually a new exterior expression that ties the various enhancements together into one unified building expression. Also, as a part of the renovation and also enhancement, the Annex creates handicap ease of access by offering a new building entrance via an elevator and also wheelchair lift to navigate the second floor.” Said Matthew I. Fadel, AIA, LEED AP of LeMay Erickkid Willcox Architects.

The renovation incorpoprices “Hot Zone” design techniques by arranging the gathering and bureaucratic spaces together on the second floor, over the apparatus bay spaces. “ The Annex layout will certainly be more effective and serve the Volunteers well right into the future.” Sassist Fadel. “We have been honored to occupational with the Arcola Volunteer Fire Department and are excited that the years of strong management from the Volunteers have allowed them to rotate their vision into truth, via building currently underway.”

Founded in 1957, Arcola Volunteer Fire Department is a volunteer Fire & Rescue firm in Southeastern Loudoun County, Virginia. Part of a merged device, Arcola VFD functions through Loudoun County Fire & Rescue to administer prompt, expert and compassionate response to citizens and also visitors fire and also clinical emergencies.

Picture by Scott Philben, Arcola VFD. Left to right: Hal Cogan, Patner Construction, Assistant Fire Chief Pat Reid, AVFD, Rescue Chief Kymber Weese, AVFD, Vice President Dawn McKenna, AVFD, Director Mike Gordon, AVFD, Christopher Kehde, LeMay Erickkid Willcox Architects