Apex Predator Mean Girls Lyrics

After Regina sticks up for Cady, she tells Janis that Regina isn’t that negative, yet Janis thinks Regina has no redeeming qualities. Cady then realizes that Regina is the Apex… Read More 

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Don't be fooled by the pinkShe is not playing dollsShe is stalking the hallsFor the thrill of the killEextremely person in schoolIs conscious of her stareWhen she tosses her hairThey go perfectly stillAll their eyes say, “don't assault me.”Watch them sweat and also pant and shakeEvery food chain has its acmeRegina George eats steakShe's the queen of beastsShe have the right to smell your fearIn this biosphereShe’s the apex predatorLike a lionessOnly via much less furDo not mess via herShe’s the apex predator
At the watering holeSee the girls who weren't niceHave to scatter prefer miceFrom a jungle catAnd though Janis is greatShe does not have actually this powerPeople literally cowerJanis can’t perform thatSee us note our territoryAs I follow in her trainI was victim, I was quarryNow I shake my maneShe's the queen of beastsAnd I’m in her prideI have actually hitched a rideWith the apex predatorAnd it's kinda funWhen she bares her clawsWhen I'm safe becauseI'm via the apex predator
Did I think I'd be defended by my brand-new exotic petNot a chance if she suspectedI was any kind of sort of refertile threatBut she doesn't understand yetNo, she doesn't recognize yetShe's the queen of beastsAt this beastly schoolGotta keep points coolWith the apex predatorSo I'm kinda friendsBut you're sort of preyJesus, what a dayWith the apex predatorWill she braid your hairWill she eat your heartHow can you outsmartThe apex predator
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Typical Girls (Initial Broadmethod Cast Recording) (2018)
Original Broadway Cast of Average Girls
Apex Predator
Written By
Nell Benjamin
Music by
Jeff Richmond
Release Date
May 3, 2018
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