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Job losses, real estate instcapability, health worries, marital crises. This pandemic will carve a route of destruction through family members via the leastern ability to withstand also these results.

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And then, they will certainly be homeless.

But, through you, we will be all set when the full meacertain of this pandemic hits our neighborhood.

We are transcreating the previous Infant Jesus School in Nashua into a new transitional housing facility for neighborhood households suffering homelessness. Renovations started this previous fall. Phase one has actually currently been completed – families are relocating in! We have an additional floor to renovate. Once phase 2 is finish, we will certainly have the ability to residence up to 24 families enduring homelessness. Click right here to learn more and also find out how you can help!


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Helping family members is what we do; it’s what we’ve always done. And currently, it’s even more vital than ever!


One in Five

On any given night in America, one-fifth of the people experiencing homelessness are kids. Tright here are roughly 2.5 million youngsters in America that are homemuch less.

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Over 4000

There are over 4000 kids in New Hampshire that are homemuch less. Nbeforehand half of these youngsters live in Southern New Hampshire.


One Third

On a solitary night in January 2018, one-3rd of the full homemuch less populace in America were human being in households.

Who Do We Serve?

Eextremely Family

Eextremely family members deserves the chance to transcreate their future, to rise over circumstances that are frequently out of their control. So we accept households of eincredibly type: single mothers, single fathers, 2 parent families, grandpaleas raising grandyoungsters, everyone. We execute not have actually limits on the ages of either the parental fees or the kids bereason homelessness deserve to occur at any type of age, to any type of family. And veteran family members, that may not qualify for various other programs? We serve them too.

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