Alliance for nonprofit management

Mission:To rise the effectiveness of individuals and also institutions that aid strengthen nonearnings.

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Background:The Alliance for Nonprofit Management is the outcome of the 1997 merger of the Nonprofit Management Association and Support Centers of America. The organization is a experienced association of individuals and also organizations that are devoted to boosting the management and also governance capacity of nonearnings. Basically, Alliance members aid nonearnings satisfy their missions. Members incorporate monitoring support institutions, individual specialists, and also national and regional organizations that carry out technical assistance to nonearnings.

Current Programs:The Alliance comgoals research study on nonprofit capacity building to add to the expertise base within the field and also assist nonprofit practitioners learn just how to implement and evaluate capacity building initiatives. It additionally publishes an virtual brochure of consultants and also company carriers to match nonearnings through professionals that can aid them boost.

Alliance members have the possibility to netoccupational and also learn from each other in person with events such as the group"s yearly conference, regional meetings, and also affinity team meetings, and virtual through conversation forums. Members likewise receive discounts on pertinent publications and also various other publications.

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Recent Successes:At its yearly conference in June 2003, the Alliance carried together more than 4 hundred nonprofit capacity builders to get involved in workshops and also discussions on capacity building strategies, financial management and also fundraising, organizational advance, modern technology, and also study. The Alliance is looking forward to its next annual conference in August 2004 in Washington, D.C., once Kim Klein of the Grassroots Fundincreasing Journal will certainly talk about nonprofit expansion and sustaincapability in the keynote attend to.

The Alliance newly publiburned a research study report, Evaluation of Capacity Building: Lessons from the Field, that details instance research studies and framefunctions for testimonial based upon the efforts of even more than eighty programs and also specialists in the area.

Web site:The Alliance"s Net site, which receives more than 900,000 hits per month, features a consultant and also organization provider directory; a source center with indevelopment on beneficial organizations, Net sites, books, newsletters, and various other assets and services for nonprofits; capacity structure success stories and situation studies; and also an event calendar. A generally asked questions section covers board breakthrough, strategic planning, fundraising, financial management, risk management, and crmodify card acceptance.

Funding:Several corporations and also foundations provide resources to the alliance. Major supporters incorporate the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the Citigroup Foundation, the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundations, and the Amerideserve to Express and ChevronTexaco philanthropic programs.