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Establiburned in 1984, the is the independent, private-sector organization based in Norwalk, Connectireduced, that establishes accountancy and also financial reporting standards for UNITED STATE state and regional federal governments that follow Typically Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). >> More

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Board Members

Board members are appointed by the Trustees of the FAF for a five-year term and may serve as much as ten years. The chairmale, that was appointed for a solitary seven-year term, serves full-time and the 6 other members serve on a part-time basis. The members of the are compelled to have knowledge of governpsychological accountancy and also finance and a concern for the public interemainder in matters of accounting and also financial reporting. >> More


The Governpsychological Accounting Standards Advisory Council (GASAC) is responsible for consulting through the on technological issues on the Board"s agenda, job priorities, matters likely to need the attention of the, selection and company of task pressures, and also such various other matters as may be asked for by the or its chairguy. >> More
About the A high-level arrival to the work we perform. Board Members Indevelopment about individual Board members consisting of bios and final term years. GASAC Indevelopment about the existing membership of the GASAC.

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Budget & Financials

The most present budgain and also financial indevelopment obtainable on the, FASB, our sister company, and also FAF, our parent company.>> More Staff

The Board has a expert staff drawn from government, public bookkeeping, and also the user neighborhood.>> More

Annual Report

The current annual report, formatted for either your desktop or tablet, and an archive of reports from prior years.>> More

Keep Up to Date with

The lets you know as soon as due procedure and also last papers are issued and also keeps you indeveloped about its standards-establishing and educational tasks. Sign approximately obtain updays around publications and tasks.>> More

Rules of Procedure

Procedures complied with by the in establishing and also improving criteria of financial accountancy and also reporting of state and also local governmental entities.>> More
The marked its 30th anniversary in 2014 through a reception and also dinner in New York City. This web page functions videos, a slidedisplay, and also various other highlights from the evening.>> More


This web page offers information about employment at the including present task postings.>> More