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Mar 26, 2019

Monica Robles is an accomplished, busy woman, but she had time for CARR.  CARR had two brochures which were translated into Spanish, so CARR could better serve San Diego's Hispanic community with assisted living information, but sadly, our translated brochures were lacking.  We needed our brochures to be professionally translated.  As luck would have it, Monica is a family friend of one of our employees. And as luck would have it, Monica has a huge heart for family, and for service.  She volunteered to re-translate our brochures to reflect more correct subject-matter relevance and context.  

Donors, Interns & Volunteers / Volunteers
Sep 15, 2017

CARR is always in need of volunteers to help us mine public data; the day that Mr. Dylan Petersen found us, we got very lucky.  He heard the task we wanted him to explore, and he was off and running.  Dylan's volunteered in the spring of 2016, preceding his May graduation when he received his B. S.  in statistics from San Diego State University, graduating with summa cum laude honors.

Donors, Interns & Volunteers / Volunteers
Nov 19, 2018

CARR strives to develop and grow itself as an evidence-based advocacy organization.  And evidence means numbers and data mining.  As an intern with CARR, Daniel's job was to use his technical background to analyze and process data that could be used to answer real-world questions related to CARR’s advocacy goals. He first took the raw, unformatted datasets provided by the California Secretary of State and the Community Care Licensing Division (CCL) and formatted the data making them easy to interpret and extract information.  

Donors, Interns & Volunteers / Volunteers
Jun 9, 2017

CARR receives help, encouragement and money from a wonderful group of volunteers and donors who have identified with CARR's mission and the work we do.   Individuals have stepped up to the plate offering us donations, time, great ideas, and new strategies for our continued work.  Thank you! Thank you!  Special Thanks to the members of our Board; without you we could not function. Kudos!  Danke!  Merci! and in 100 other languages thank you for your support.  You help us grow and your support helps us achieve our mission. 


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