You'll find articles of interest about California's Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFEs). In California, RCFEs are licensed to provide care and supervision; they can be licensed for 2 residents or 2,000 residents, and they are considered a housing option voluntarily chosen by the resident or the resident's responsible party.


RCFE Owners Jailed

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Maximino and Melinda Morales, once-owners of four residential care facilities for the elderly located in Paso Robles ". . . pleaded guilty in May to felony charges of conspiracy to harbor illegal immigrants . . .," according to a San Luis Obispo Tribune (San Luis Obispo.com) story written by Nick Wilson, Tribune staff writer and The Associated Press in Los Angeles.  The care homes are no longer found in the Facility Search on www.ccld.ca.gov; they were Meadowlark Home, Starling Residential, The Meadows and The Meadows II - all in Paso Robles, and each was licensed for 6 beds.