You'll find articles of interest about California's Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFEs). In California, RCFEs are licensed to provide care and supervision; they can be licensed for 2 residents or 2,000 residents, and they are considered a housing option voluntarily chosen by the resident or the resident's responsible party.


Chamberlain's Care House: Licensee Behind Bars

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Gina Chamberlain, a former RCFE licensee, is serving 286 days in jail for stealing over $50,000, jewelry, a car and narcotics from her assisted living residents. Published in the 8/13/16 edition of the North Coast Journal of Politics, People and Art, journalist Linda Stansberry reports on the criminal actions of the licensee of Chamberlain's Care House, a licensed residential care facility for the elderly (RCFE). The care home was licensed by the California Department of Social Services, Community Care Licensing (CDSS/CCL) in 1996.

San Diego Union Tribune's Paul Sisson Investigates: Perilous Quarters

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Perilous Quarters - Paul SissonOn 13 July, 2016, the San Diego Union Tribune' published three articles about care, staffing and death in Elmcroft La Mesa.  The articles were penned by Paul Sisson, staff writer on health care issues.  Elmcroft La Mesa, is an Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE) licensed by California's Department of Social Services, Community Care Licensing (CDSS/CCL).  The state has initiated administrative law procedures for revoking Elmcroft's license as a result of the deaths that Mr. Sisson discusses in his articles.  You will find links to these articles below.

Life & Death in Assisted Living

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PBS’s FRONTLINE, in conjunction with ProPublica, recently produced “Life and Death in Assisted Living”. The documentary focuses on the Emeritus chain of assisted living facilities, but highlights many of the major issues CARR sees in its research--

  • Staffing and training issues  
  • The out-dated non-medical model  
  • The hypnotizing effect of facility marketing campaigns  
  • Elder neglect and abuse in facilities 

We encourage consumers to watch this documentary  to learn more about the risks inherent in California’s current assisted living model.   If, after watching, you want to help us effect change, we invite you to donate to our organization.

Cause of Death: Sunrise Valencia

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On 17 August, 2011, Mr. Ronald Corn, son of Loretta Hooker, found his mother sitting in the patio of Sunrise Sterling Canyon Assisted Living of Valencia - sitting alone, without supervision, without shade, and in 100+ degree heat.  This scenario played out again on 24 August, 2011 - only this time the consequences were dire:  Ms. Hooker was found by her son, unresponsive and dehydrated.  She was transported, in full cardiac arrest, to a local hospital. The autopsy report referenced in the law suit states that at the time of death due to heatstroke her body temperature was 103.3 degrees.  The son has filed a wrongful death suit against Sunrise Sterling Canyon Assisted Living of Valencia. Read the full story from CBS Channel 2's website

Totanes Pleas Guilty to 7 Felony Charges

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Totanes had her day in court - and what she got was 130 days in jail, three years probation, and had to pay restitution for the money she had stolen.  According to the North County Times article, the judge also ordered her to surrender her passport (she is a resident alien).  In an unusual outburst, the judge reportedly said " . .you should never take care of anyone else, so no one else can be victimized by your greed and inappropriate behavior."   Totanes was a licensed registered nurse; as of 30 June, 2012, but her registration has since be revoked.

Verdict Against Los Osos Licensees Ingan

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According to the 2009 article which follows (copyright owned by the San Luis Obispo Tribune) RCFE owners Edward and Jane Ingan were found guilty of negligence in connection with the care of then-96 year old Marian Eileen Kengel. This story underscores three key points advocated by CARR:

1.  Once your resident is placed in an assisted living facility, it is imperative that you visit often, watch for changes of condition in your resident; if anything looks suspect, you must aggressively advocate for your resident's care and safety.  

Castro Valley RCFE Principals Criminally Charged

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14 Felony CountsOn 2 March 2015, Kamala D Harris, Attorney General of California signed an Amended Felony Complaint containing 14 counts each of Elder or Dependent Adult Abuse against Valley Springs Manor RCFE Licensee Herminigilda Noveda Manuel, and the facility's Administrator, Edgar Babael. In October 2013, these individuals abandoned the Valley Spring Manor, leaving 14 medically needy and some bedridden residents to fend for themselves.  

Raroque Receives Conviction

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Elder JusticeCARR previously reported on the Department of Justice proceedings against Wilhemina Aquino-Raroque, 62, and one-time Licensee of three San Diego RCFEs: Golden Age Residential, Happiness Villa and Lakeview  Residential, for multiple charges including theft.  Felony Minutes – Pronouncement of Judgment for Sentencing dated 7 November, 2012 reveal that charges against  Raroque were reduced to misdemeanors from the original two felony counts of grand theft, California Penal Code 487(a).  Presiding Judge K  Michael Kirkman sentenced defendant to 6 days in county jail, and formal probation of 3 years, which will be vacated upon Defendant’s completion of 100 hours of community volunteer work.

Bonair Rest Home RCFE Administrator Pura Arrested - Charged with Felony Elder Abuse

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CARR received notification that Alexander Pura was released from custody on 10/6/2012, presumably after posting bail. CARR will keep consumers apprised of the progress of this prosecution as information becomes available. 

Court documents obtained by CARR allege felony elder abuse charges (California Penal Code 368(b)(1)) against Raymundo F Pura and Alexander S Pura for having proximately caused the death of Frank Kiser, 85, while he was in the care of Bonair Rest Home (CCL License 374601295) in 2010.   The facility was licensed to and owned by Raymundo Frondozo Pura; Pura’s son and Bonair’s administrator, Alexander, is the state’s second named defendant.