If you think our work, independence, advocacy and transparency are important, please help us. There are lots of ways to help. Your help and our work contribute to the same end - improving resident care in assisted living facilities, and increasing industry accountability.    

1.    Make a cash donation via the Paypal button located on the top of every screen.​

2.  Set your Favorite Charity to CONSUMER ADVOCATES for RCFE REFORM (CARR), and we'll get .5% of every dollar you spend on Amazon, compliments of Amazon.  Quick, easy, painless. 

3.     Volunteer with us. We always need help with office work, website maintenance, document posting and other stuff.  And we're fun to work with!  Contact us. 

4.     Subscribe to our public document service.

5.     Use the Goodshop portal to have major online retailers donate a percentage of your purchase to CARR.  Many large online retailers like Amazon, Apple, Land's End, and others will donate a percentage of your purchase to the charity of your choice.  Just link to Goodshopname "Consumer Advocates for RCFE Reform" as your chosen charity, then link to your favorite retailer.  And CARR will receive a small donation from your purchases: over the year, those cents accumulate.  Every dollar helps! 

8.        Donate your car, truck, or other vehicle in our Vehicle donation program.  We are contracted with CarDonations Made Easy.  They are wonderful professionals who give us 80% of whatever they are able to sell your car for.  That is a much higher percentage than other car donation organizations offer. Just click on the link above, make the donation, and they'll arrange quick pickup of your vehicle.  That's a win-win:  You have the benefit of painlessly getting rid of an unwanted vehicle, and CARR benefits by getting much needed funds.  Benefits of Car donations, to you  are:

  • ​You get rid of an unwanted vehicle
  • You get a tax deduction which may help on your overall tax liability
  • The process is turn-key. You don't have to do anything except make the appointment and have your pink slip ready.  Done & Dusted.  Easy. ​​

​​​​Thank you for helping us in any way you can.