Operating Principles

CARR's founding premises were that we would

offer consumers our independent point of view, and

that we'd be honest brokers of information about California's assisted living care model. 

We renew our commitment to these operating principles with every Monday morning. 

CARR's operating principles are

1.  Independence:  CARR exists for the consumer.  We are independent.  We have no business or personal relationships which present, or appear to present a conflict of interest with our operating principle of being independent.

2.  Honest Broker:  CARR strives to be an honest broker of information about assisted living in California.  

3.  Website Content:  CARR retains full authority over our website content. We are not swayed by the opinions of our donors, board members or contract sponsors.  

4.  Donors:  We will make public those donors who contribute $1,000 or more.  We also have a corporate policy not to accept funding from any organization which would appear to present a conflict of interest in achieving our Vision or Mission. 

5.  Corrections:  Errors should be reported to us via the Contact Us link.  We will quickly review the alleged error, and make corrections where warranted.  Regarding errors in Facility Search Results, CARR will immediately correct the information when the correct information is actually made a part of the public file.