Staffing in an RCFE

Understanding Facility Practices

Title 22, §87411

Title 22 does not mandate staffing requirements for residential care facilities; Title 22 states that "facility personnel shall at all times be sufficient in numbers, and competent to provide the services necessary to meet resident needs. 

The 'sufficient number' required is determined by the Licensee.  Aside from the Personnel Record (LIC 501) submitted during the application process, the public files at CCLD offer little information about a facility's staffing levels.

As residents' status changes, the balance of staffing levels may be impacted.   If you believe a resident's needs are being unfulfilled due to inappropriate staffing levels, contact the LPA assigned to your facility, or file a complaint with CCLD. 

According to Title 22 (§ 87412) personnel records, in all cases, shall demonstrate adequate staff coverage necessary for facility operation by documenting the hours actually worked.  If sharing this documentation with you is against the facility's policy or if they are reluctant to provide that information to you,  be aware that all personnel records must be made available to LPAs during normal business hours (§87412). Contacting the LPA assigned to the facility for assistance in this matter is appropriate.

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