Administrator: What is?


All facilities must have a certified administrator.  The RCFE administrator is the individual designated by the Licensee to oversee the management of the facility.  The administrator must have sufficient freedom from other responsibilities (i.e. caregiving) and be on the premises a sufficient number of hours to permit adequate attention to the management of the facility.  Title 22 (§ 87405 & 87406)

Title 22 states "that CCLD can require the administrator to devote additional hours  to their responsibilities in the facility if substantiated by written documentation" and CCLD "reserves the right to revoke the license of the facility for an administrator's failure to comply with regulations."

[If you are concerned with the performance of an administrator, contact CCLD.]

According to Title 22, administrators must possess the following qualifications:

  1. Knowledge of providing appropriate care and supervision,
  2. Knowledge of and ability to conform to applicable laws and regulations,
  3. Ability to maintain financial and other records,
  4. Ability to direct the work of others,
  5. Good character and a reputation for personal integrity,
  6. Be at least 21 years old,
  7. Have a high school diploma or GED for 1-6 bed facilities; 15 college credits and one year's experience for 16-49 bed facilities; two years of college and three years experience for 50+bed facilities.

To become a certified RCFE administrator, and as a result of 2014 legislation, individuals must receive 80-hours of  training from an accredited vendor, pass a test administered by CCLD, receive a criminal record clearance from the Department of Justice, and pay a processing fee.

Administrator certificates must be renewed every two years.  To maintain the certification, administrators must receive at least 40 hours of continuing education annually and pay a renewal processing fee.  Title 22 also requires that appropriate documentation be maintained demonstrating an administrator's certificate is valid and current (Title 22 §87412).

[Proof of an administrator's qualifications and training is not usually available in the public file, however the consumer can verify whether an Administrator's Certificate is current by viewing the "List of Active Certificates"  on CCLD's website.]

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