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Jul 22, 2019

CARR's first round of Pop-Up Senior Coaching Clinics is complete.  CARR hosted 14 Clinics from March 2019 through June 2019.  The average age of participants was 75 years old, with issues ranging from systems navigation to housing to employment.  91% of participants "understood their options better" after their session and 91% said they would recommend the Coaching Clinics to others.  Read on for links to additional results.

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Dec 24, 2019

CARR's October 2019 Newsletter is out! In this issue, we cover citations in the world of assisted living. Here's an excerpt.

"One indicator that consumers can use to evaluate a facility's regulatory compliance is the citation. In this issue, we do a deeper dive into citations--contextualizing them from a policy and consumer point of view. We also give you data about citation counts by facility size."

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May 2, 2019

CARR continues to receive calls from families looking for assisted living care their family or friend can "afford".  With the median cost of assisted living care estimated at around $4,000 per month, and dementia care costing two to three times this amount, statewide advocacy to expand California's (Medicaid) Assisted Living Waiver Program (ALWP) is essential for low and middle income seniors who need this form of care.  The ALWP waiver is up for renewal in 2019.  CARR has compiled current ALWP facts and figures to facilitate discussions  aimed at (1) increasing the number of ALWP waiver slots and (2) increasing SSI rates and/or ALWP reimbursement rates to more closely align with the cost of care. 

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The Front Page
Nov 19, 2018

A recently released Bankrate survey reports Americans are saving little or nothing of their annual income and half could end up struggling in retirement.  

20% of those surveyed save 0% of their annual income while those who do save were found to not be saving enough.  Experts recommend setting aside 15% of one’s annual income, but of those surveyed– 16% report saving at the 15% level, 25% report saving 10-6%, and 21% save 5% or less.

The survey notes those 55-64 years of age, who do have retirement savings, have a median savings of $120,000, and those 65-74 years old have saved a median of $126,000.  Even when factoring in Social Security, these reserves will not last long in the absence of paychecks ($1,342 is the 2017 average monthly Social Security benefit) exposing seniors to the risks of a lower standard of living in retirement and/or an inability to afford an emergency expense. 

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Jan 28, 2019

CARR Develops an Assisted Living Accessibility Index for an Age-Friendly San Diego

The rapid growth of America’s senior population has engendered candid, pragmatic and philosophical discussions about aging by thought-leaders in government, medicine, social work, financial institutions, education and a myriad of other disciplines.  AARP’s Age-Friendly Communities movement is a prime example of one the innovative approaches born from these multi-disciplinary discussions.  San Diego, as well as 198 other cities across the nation, is actively pursuing AARP’s Age-Friendly Communities designation.

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Sep 24, 2019

PLEASE NOTE: CARR IS NO LONGER SERVING AS THE CONTRACTOR FOR THE CHOOSE WELL PROGRAM.  Following the successful completion of a 2015 six-month pilot program (Phase I Report) to develop a uniform rating system using public documents data for California assisted living facilities, CARR is now in its 3rd year of follow-on contracts to manage the official program.  The San Diego County sponsored program is called "Choose Well", and puts consumers and facilities in touch with each other on the important issues.  Read on to learn more about the program. 

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