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What is an RCFE?

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Residential Care Facility for the Elderly, or RCFE,  is California's term for an "assisted living" facility.  Across the nation, different states refer to this type of supportive housing and care using different terms.  "Assisted Living" is the most commonly used term within the industry for these facilities.  In California, the regulations refer to these facilities as RCFEs. 

An RCFE is defined by Title 22,§87101(r)(5)  as ". . . a housing arrangement chosen voluntarily by the resident, the resident's guardian, conservator or other responsible person; where 75% of the residents are sixty years of age or older and where varying levels of care and supervision are provided, as agreed to at time of admission or as determined necessary at subsequent times of reappraisal.  Any younger residents must have needs compatible with other residents."   

Independent Living: What is it and Who Regulates It?

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Who regulates "independent living"?  A murky subject indeed.  This topic was misunderstood in the media's coverage of the Bayless story (See "Benefits of Bayless"). It was widely reported that Ms. Bayless lived in an Independent Living unit of the Brookdale Senior Living Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE) in Bakersfield, and that Independent Living was not regulated if the independent living units were not part of a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC).  Au contraire. There is a variety of independent living models, some regulated, some not, so CARR thought this would be a good time to shine a spotlight on the topic.

Transportation Links

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WeGetAround! is a unique resource for seniors thinking about giving up their driver's license, but not wanting to lose their independence. With WeGetAround!, seniors learn to navigate the San Diego public transportation of buses and trolleys to get anywhere they need to go. The program promotes brain health, confidence, independence, and you get low-impact cardio fitness as well.    Plus you meet new people, and have fun in the process of learning valuable skills of independence. 

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Consumer Fraud & Scams 

If someone contacts you through email asking you to send them money via Western Union, forward the emails to 

Protect yourself from Fraud

Only use Western Union for sending money to friends and Family.  You should NOT proceed with your transaction if it's:


Consumer support / Regulation

Residents in RCFEs do not give up their rights when they choose to live in an assisted living facility.  At admission, a resident and the resident's responsible person must be personally advised of and given a list of these rights.  The Licensee must have each resident and the resident's responsible party sign a copy of these rights and the signed copy shall be included in the resident's record.  

In 'nutshell' version, here are the Resident Rights - current as of 2016. To see the entire set of resident rights, see California Health and Safety Code 1569.261 to 1569.269.  

VETERAN's Resources

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Veterans Information

Elderly Veterans have special needs, and specialized services are required to meet those needs.  We have compiled tools, resources, and informational resources for aging veterans and their families,  CARR also has compliance histories on CalVet assisted living facilities.  if you are looking for an assisted living placement and live near a CalVet RCFE, its recommended you get on their waiting list early, as the wait can sometimes be quite long.   

If you know of a resource that you think veterans or their families looking for benefits would find useful send us an email. We're all ears to good suggestions that help families of elder veterans find appropriate assisted living placements.  Click any of the links below to access the third-party websites for information which may help you or yours: 

Senior Care, Caregiver, CCL, and Information Links

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Check Administrators' Certificates

If the name of your Administrator of your facility isn't on this list, or if their license is shown as being expired you should call CCLD to see if the person has been recently certified or recertified.  You can also ask the facility to show you the current Administrator's License; the expiration date is stated on the license. A Certified Administrator in the facility is a Title 22 requirement   If there isn't, you can call CCLD to file a complaint. 

INTERACT: A Protocol for Delivering Better Care

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CARR's mission is to improve resident care in assisted living by educating consumers and providers.  One of the ways we can achieve that is by promoting tools providers can use to elevate the quality-of-care they deliver, while educating consumers that they should be asking providers whether they use the INTERACT protocol.  And if not, why not?

INTERACT (Interventions to Reduce Acute Care Transfers) is a quality improvement program that is a product of a contract between the Georgia Medical Care Foundation and the Centers of Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Funding for adaptation of INTERACT for assisted living and home health settings was provided by a CMS Innovation Award.