California Department of Social Services, Community Care Licensing Division is known as CDSS/CCL, or CCLD.  This agency is responsible for licensing, oversight and enforcement of the Title 22 regulations applicable to Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFEs), California's term of art for assisted living.  

ProPublica Spotlights Risks to Assisted Living Residents

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Legislative ChangeVisitors to CARR's site, and our Twitter and Facebook followers are encouraged to read the ProPublica article "Elderly, At Risk and Haphazardly Protected" by AC Thompson and Jonathan Jones.  The article is a litany of inadequate consumer protections and lack of meaningful state oversight for assisted living facilities throughout the US.    

Facility Shop with your Ipad

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All you web-savvy users can now easily access using your ipad.  And because your ipad defaults to Safari as the browser, you will optimally see the site and all its contents.  So now, while you are out and about, taking tours of the RCFEs of interest to you, you are now able, with a login, to access the public documents on our site, in real time while.  Use our public documents to inform the questions you ask the facility administrator or licensee. Also, this site is easily and dynamically displayed on your phone, tablet or other platform. 

Investigation Requested by State Senator LaMalfa’s Office

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The Mt. Echo continued its coverage (2012) of an on-going investigation regarding Community Care Licensing (CCL) Division’s alleged misconduct regarding its failure to close down an unlicensed RCFE owned by Barbara Hockman; a supervisor (Donna Teutshel) who allegedly refused to sign a $20,000 civil penalty against Hockman for her unlicensed facility;  and thwarting a state inspector’s attempts to contact Department of Justice to have an unusual death investigated.   This most recent article also reported allegations that CCL workers attempted to have an elder give Power of Attorney to a 3rd party against her wishes.