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Launching this March, CARR gerontologists, Chris Murphy and Christina Selder, will be conducting Pop-up Senior Care Coaching Clinics throughout San Diego, starting in Balboa Park, San Ysidro, and La Jolla. The clinics are open to the public and aim to give older adults in our community greater confidence and clarity. 

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This legislative session Assemblymember Ash Kalra (D-San Jose) has reintroduced a bill proposing an expansion of California's MediCal Assisted Living Waiver Program.

Tis the season of Medicare Open Enrollment.  Between 15 October and 7 December of this year you can change your Medicare health or prescription drug plan for 2019. Any change to your Medicare plan will become effective 1 January 2019.  Among many reasons why you might want to research new plans is a change in your health status, to find a lower priced plan, or because you want to stay at home rather than moving into assisted living.

CARR has long advocated for individuals or families to consider all options before moving yourself or a family member into assisted living.  Lower-cost alternatives (in-home supportive services, housekeeping, delivered meals, adult day care, or home health services) offer you more control of your lifestyle and living environment, and can keep you in your community, among friends and social activities, longer. If you are looking for lower-cost alternatives to assisted living, or are wanting to delay relocating to an assisted living environment, it might be time for you to consider your options during this Medicare Open Enrollment period. 

PreventiStop Elder Abuseng elder abuse is everybody's business.  If your loved one is a resident in a facility, keeping a close watch over them, as well as other residents in the facility, is one way to ensure no one becomes a victim of abuse or neglect.  Watching for unexplained bruising, skin tears, decubitus ulcers and other tell-tale signs is key.  And remember, its not just physical abuse (slapping, hitting) but psychological abuse (yelling, screaming) that can occur.  Be mindful of changes in mood or responsiveness. 

The state of California's Assisted Living Waiver (ALW) Program is insufficient given the current and future demand for affordable, senior care services.  To date, there are over 2,500 individuals who have qualified, both medically and financially, for the ALW Program but who have been waitlisted.  There are seniors whose medical needs qualify them for the program but whose incomes are not low enough to qualify them for MediCal nor high enough to afford private pay rates. Furthermore, the ALW Program is only operating in 15 of California’s 58 counties and a limited number of assisted living facilities participate in the program because of low reimbursement rates. On the whole, these limitations are leaving seniors and their families without access to much needed services.  California can do better.  

AB 2233 would have expanded California's MediCal Assisted Living Waiver (ALW) Program by:

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LIC 215: Applicant Information


The LIC 215 – Applicant Information. 

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Power of Attorney: Can a Licensee accept appointment for a resident?


Title 22, §87217(d)(1)-(4)

"No Licensee or employee shall*:

(1) accept appointment as a guardian or conservator of the person and/or estate of any resident,

(2) accept any general or special power of attorney for any resident,

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Basic Services: What services are RCFEs required to provide?


Under  §87464(f), RCFEs are required to provide safe and healthful living accommodations and services, regular observation of the resident's physical and mental condition, three meals per day plus snacks, personal assistance with ADLs, medication management, social and recreational activities, transportation, housekeeping and maintenance.

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Basic Services


According to Title 22 §87101(b)(2) "Basic Services" ". . .

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Bedrails: Are they allowed in an RCFE?


Title 22 (§87608)

Bed rails ". . . that extend from the head, half the length of the bed, and used only for assistance with mobility shall be allowed." (§87608(5)(A).

"A written order from a physician indicating the need for the postural support (in this case, bed rails) shall be maintained in the resident's record.  The licensing agency shall be authorized to require other additional documentation if needed to verify the order." (§87608, (3). 

"Bed rails that extend the entire length of the bed are prohibited except for residents who are currently receiving hospice care, and have a hospice care plan that specifies the need for full bed rails."  §87608(5)(B)

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This legislative session Assemblymember Ash Kalra (D-San Jose) has reintroduced a bill proposing an expansion of California's MediCal Assisted Living Waiver Program.

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