Recognizing Elder Abuse

Stop Elder AbusePreventing elder abuse is everybody's business.  If your loved one is a resident in assisted living, keep a close watch on that person, and the other residents in the facility for that matter.  Watch for unexplained bruising, skin tears, decubitus ulcers and other tell-tale signs.  And remember its not just physical abuse (slapping, hitting), psychological abuse (yelling, screaming), it is also NEGLECT.  

Neglect can manifest as bed sores on the back, buttocks, heels, and elbows.  Be especially watchful if your resident is bedridden or is under a Total Care Waiver.   As you know, assisted living facilities are understaffed by regulation (". . . staff in sufficient number to care for resident needs. . ."), so often facilities don't have sufficient staff to comply with standard protocols of turning residents every two hours.   The following information was prepared by the National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA).  

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