FALL Update: AB 1122 (Brown) Excluded Persons & Administrative Action List (EPAAL)

Update:  2/15/2016.  Assembly Member Brown declined, for unknown and unclear reasons,  to continue to carry this bill during the 2016 - 17 legislative session. The bill is officially dead.  

 CARR renewed discussions with Assembly Member Brown's office to enhance the proposed legislative text for AB1122.  We will be rolling out our legislative information campaign in November 2015 to familiarize legislators on key committees with the bill and its value to consumers.  We will be educating legislators on the need for a statutory remedy that allows consumers to do an on-line check to assure the person they were hiring as a caregiver was not a person who had received a lifetime ban from Department of Social Services, Community Care Licensing.  

You can already determine whether your doctor, veterinarian, attorney or hairdresser have breached the public trust and violated licensing regulations, via publicly available lists on state agency websites.  CARR wants the same transparency provided for consumers of long-term care services; EPAAL will do just that.  But, CARR cannot be the only voice.  We need your help and support to get AB 1122 passed . . . but just not this legislative session.  AB 1122 has officially morphed into a '2-year bill.'  And here's why:

Our bill, carried by Cheryl Brown (D - San Bernardino), chair of the Long-Term-Care and Aging Assembly committee shelved AB 1122 until February 2016.  It was her view that there were issues and language in AB 1122 that must be negotiated with other stakeholders, and that those issues could not be resolved timely to support both Human Services and Long Term Care and Aging Assembly committee hearings during the current legislative session.  Therefore, CARR has another ten months to continue hammering out necessary accommodations.  

If you would like to learn more about AB 1122 - EPAAL as it now exists, please review our FACT SHEET  You can also read the existing legislative language on AB 1122 by following the link. Thank you, and stay tuned for hearings on this bill in February 2016.  We appreciate your continued interest in our work and in particular, AB 1122.  Watch this space for updates. 

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