Inspections: How often are RCFEs inspected by the state?

Community Care Licensing (CCLD) is required to inspect each Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE) at least once every 5 years (Title 22, §87756 (d)). CCLD is also obligated to visit (unannounced) approximately 20% of the facilities within its jurisdiction, annually (Title 22, §87756(c). Other reasons for unannounced visits may include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  1. The Licensee is on probation, 
  2. An accusation against a Licensee is pending (i.e. a complaint has been reported)*,
  3. When the terms of a compliance plan require an annual evaluation (i.e a visit is necessary to verify compliance on a deficiency issue), 
  4. When the facility requires an annual visit as a condition of receiving federal financial participation, and 
  5. To ensure a person who has been ordered out of an RCFE, is no longer at the facility.

The Inspection report is called Facility Evaluation Report (Form LIC 809).  The LIC 809 is the "primary paperwork used to document the level of facility compliance" (§3-3010 - Evaluator's Manual 10RM-12, August 2010).  The Facility Evaluation Report is a Public Document  available in the public file.  

Facility searches on this site display LIC 809s available in the public file for individual RCFEs, at the time of CARR's review.  Previewing these evaluations will offer insight into the challenges faced by particular facilities.   When reviewing a facility's public file, note how frequently (or infrequently) the facility has been evaluated.  Fewer visits by the state is not a direct indication of fewer deficiencies, or a higher level of compliance.

*Complaints are recorded on LIC 9099s.