Bonair Rest Home RCFE Administrator Pura Arrested - Charged with Felony Elder Abuse

CARR received notification that Alexander Pura was released from custody on 10/6/2012, presumably after posting bail. CARR will keep consumers apprised of the progress of this prosecution as information becomes available. 

Court documents obtained by CARR allege felony elder abuse charges (California Penal Code 368(b)(1)) against Raymundo F Pura and Alexander S Pura for having proximately caused the death of Frank Kiser, 85, while he was in the care of Bonair Rest Home (CCL License 374601295) in 2010.   The facility was licensed to and owned by Raymundo Frondozo Pura; Pura’s son and Bonair’s administrator, Alexander, is the state’s second named defendant. 

This case was originally investigated by Community Care Licensing’s internal police unit – the Investigations Bureau on or around 13 May, 2010.  The current felony elder abuse charges were brought by the Department of Justice, Deputy Attorney General Hardy Gold, Bureau of Medi-Cal Fraud and Elder Abuse (BMFEA).

The Declaration in Support of Arrest Warrant describes Kiser’s condition on 3 May 2010 at the time of admission to Tri-city Medical Center’s Emergency Room: “Kiser had 17 decubitus ulcers.  They were all over his body:  his right mid back, right posterior thigh, right lower lateral thigh, right upper lateral thigh, right inner knee, left outer heel, right heel, left outer foot, left hip, left buttock, sacral, left elbow, right upper buttock, right hip, right coccyx, right lateral ankle and left lateral ankle. Many were Stage 4 and necrotic.“ According to state documents, Mr. Kiser died on 1 June 2010.   

Because defendants Alexander S Pura, 40,  and Raymundo F. Pura, 70, are considered to be flight risks, bail was set at $250,000 each, above normal bail schedule.  Owner and Licensee Raymundo Pura traveled to the Philippines on 5/18/2012 and has not returned.   Facility Administrator Alexander S Pura was arrested and booked into San Diego County’s Vista Detention Facility on 4 October 2012.  If Pura is found guilty, he will be eligible for an enhanced sentence for harming an individual over the age of 70, per the Penal Code. 

CARR obtained public documents for Bonair Rest Home via a California Public Records Act request from Community Care Licensing (CCL).  Bonair Rest Home was licensed on 5 November 2002 as a 6-bed facility, approved to care for 6 non-ambulatory residents.  The file revealed only three CCL visits in an 8-year period.  Bonair received a required 5-year facility evaluation on 3/27/2008 at which time the facility received a $500.00 civil penalty for having a caregiver working in the facility without having the required criminal record fingerprint clearance transferred to this facility. 

The other two visits were complaint visits – one of which complained of the circumstances now resulting in the state’s felony elder abuse complaint.  The state's LIC 9099 Complaint Investigation Report dated 3 June 2010, (“Resident was admitted to hospital with 17 decubiti, some of which are necrotic.”) “needed further investigation,” per Licensing Evaluator Lydia Williams.  The state’s report is dated 3 days after Mr Kiser’s death. 

CARR did not find evidence in the public record of the mandatory $150 Civil Penalty for causing death of a resident.