Investigation Requested by State Senator LaMalfa’s Office

The Mt. Echo continued its coverage (2012) of an on-going investigation regarding Community Care Licensing (CCL) Division’s alleged misconduct regarding its failure to close down an unlicensed RCFE owned by Barbara Hockman; a supervisor (Donna Teutshel) who allegedly refused to sign a $20,000 civil penalty against Hockman for her unlicensed facility;  and thwarting a state inspector’s attempts to contact Department of Justice to have an unusual death investigated.   This most recent article also reported allegations that CCL workers attempted to have an elder give Power of Attorney to a 3rd party against her wishes. 

Because a chief tenet of CARR’s advocacy is holding state regulators accountable for their failures to vigorously enforce Title 22 regulations to assure the best health and safety outcome for the resident, then the best news of this article is that State Senator LaMalfa’s office is calling on Department of Health and Human Services to investigate the allegations against CCL, and that California’s Department of Justice is exploring whether an investigation is warranted for CCL's preventing DOJ to be contacted at the death of the resident.  

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