KQED's California Report Spotlights CA's RCFE Reform

KQED's California Report aired a series of reports on the most comprehensive reform of assisted living facility regulation in 30 years.  Provided here are links to their reporting.  

August 1, 2014: Down to the Wire: Lawmakers Have 4 weeks to Act on Assisted Living Reform http://blogs.kqed.org/stateofhealth/2014/08/01/down-to-the-wire-lawmakers-have-4-weeks-to-act-on-assisted-living-reforms/

August 4, 2014: A Walk Through Assisted Living Facilities in California  http://blogs.kqed.org/stateofhealth/2014/08/04/a-walk-through-assisted-living-facilities-in-california/

August 12, 2014: Are the Proposed Assisted Living Reforms in California Enough 


August 5, 2014: Online Information About Assisted Living Facilities Hard to Come By http://blogs.kqed.org/stateofhealth/2014/08/05/online-information-about-assisted-living-facilities-hard-to-come-by/  

August 11, 2014: Crime in Assisted Living: What Happens After  http://blogs.kqed.org/stateofhealth/2014/08/11/crime-in-assisted-living-what-happens-after/

September 5, 2014: Two Women on a Mission to Reform Assisted Living in California http://blogs.kqed.org/stateofhealth/2014/09/05/two-women-on-a-mission-to-reform-assisted-living-in-california/

Radio stories below:

August 12, 2014: Are the Proposed Assisted Living Reforms in California Enough;  Radio story link: http://www.californiareport.org/archive/R201408120850/c

September 5, 2014: 

Non-Profit Pushes to Reform Assisted Living in California; Radio story link: http://www.californiareport.org/archive/R201409051630/d





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