UPDATE 6/14/14: AB 1523 Passes out of Senate Human Services Committee on Consent

UPDATE:  8/30/2014.  It's the LAW. Signed by the Governor.  Becomes effective 7/1/2015.   

UPDATE:  6/14/2014.  On 5/15/14 AB 1523 received the full support of the Assembly, with a vote of 77 ayes to 0 nays.  The bill moved on to the Senate's Human Services Committee where it was passed through on consent.  CARR is proud to have worked with Speaker Tony Atkins Office to create a common-sense piece of legislation that has received bipartisan support.   AB 1523 was voted out of Assembly Appropriations Committee with unanimous support as well.  

During the initial proceedings on Tuesday, 8 April, the Assembly Human Services (AHS) Committee (Stone, Chair) heard many bills under its purview, one of which was AB 1523 - requiring RCFEs to carry and maintain liability insurance as a condition of licensure.   The bill is carried by Assembly Speaker-Elect Toni Atkins and Assembly Member Shirley Weber, and sponsored by CARR.  

Ms. Atkins then addressed the committee, explaining the need for RCFEs to carry liability insurance both as a best-practices for facilities, and a necessary tool to allow consumers to obtain accountability when adverse events occur to their loved ones.  Chris Murphy, CARR's ED gave testimony also on behalf of the legislation, referring to two local wrongful death actions against two RCFEs..  Faced with large judgments they were unable to pay, both facilities filed for bankruptcy protection; the state lost two facilities, and residents in each had to be relocated. Two additional testimonies on behalf of the bill were heard. Speaking in opposition to the bill was Denise Johnson, Consultant  for the Community Residential Care Association of California.  She expressed policy affordability issues for those facilities who care for SSI/SSP residents.  

At that time the bill received 6 Aye votes, 0 No votes, and passed out of committee.  Supporting of the bill were 53 individuals (thank you CARR supporters), and 17 organizations. Among the organizations represented,  many were from the RCFE industry, as well as attorneys, Ombudsmans' offices, and the County of San Diego.  The legislation can be found, and followed at LegInfo.  If you move to the Bill Analysis Tab you will find analysis and the list of supporters.  

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