Choose Well Rating System for Assisted Living

Following successful completion of a six month pilot program (read the Phase I Report) to develop a uniform rating system using public documents data for California assisted living facilities, CARR received a one-year follow-on contract to launch the program.  The San Diego County sponsored program is called "Choose Well", and will offer consumers direct contact with providers volunteering to participate.  Facilities who join the program will have their facility rated, using the Choose Well Scoring tool; they will receive a Facility Profile Page where the facility can promote the amenities, care, services, price range, and philosophy of care that make them a distinguished provider in the county.  

The program's website, populated with Facility Profiles of the early volunteers to the program (dubbed Founding Members) has now been launched for public view.  While 100+ local facilities have volunteered for the program, Choose Well staff are still in the process of uploading the information on these facilities.  Please check out the website ongoing as new facilities are being added weekly.  Visit CHOOSE WELL today. 

This program is the brainchild of San Diego Supervisors Dianne Jacob (District 2), and Greg Cox (District 1).  This in an innovative program, the first of its kind in the state, and in the United States.  To be sure, other states do have rating schemes for assisted living facilities, but they are either state-initiated or run by private entities; Choose Well is both a voluntary program, and is sponsored by the County of San Diego. 

To learn more, email or call (619) 795-2165.

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