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NEWS SUMMARY houses articles in three categories (RCFEs, Department of Social Services, Community Care Licensing (DSS/CCL) or about us.  We collect the articles from journals, newspapers and other media outlets. You'll find it all in NEWS SUMMARY. 

Castro Valley RCFE Principals Criminally Charged

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14 Felony CountsOn 2 March 2015, Kamala D Harris, Attorney General of California signed an Amended Felony Complaint containing 14 counts each of Elder or Dependent Adult Abuse against Valley Springs Manor RCFE Licensee Herminigilda Noveda Manuel, and the facility's Administrator, Edgar Babael. In October 2013, these individuals abandoned the Valley Spring Manor, leaving 14 medically needy and some bedridden residents to fend for themselves.  

FAC Selects CARR as 2014 Free Speech & Open Government Awardee

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Out of 30 nominations nationwide, CARR and Sacramento Bee investigative reporter, Charles Pillar, were selected as the 2014 FAC's Free Speech & Open Government Awardees.  

This was the first year the First Amendment Coalition selected a 501(c) 3 advocacy organization for the award. Traditionally, the award is given to journalists recognizing their work in promoting government transparency for the public good.  CARR was selected unanimously for "demonstrating the effectiveness of advocacy using government data and the internet". CARR is pleased to have its work recognized by this award-winning organization and to be so closely affiliated with others "dedicated to advancing free speech, more open and accountable government and public participation in civic affairs".

KQED's California Report Spotlights CA's RCFE Reform

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KQED's California Report aired a series of reports on the most comprehensive reform of assisted living facility regulation in 30 years.  Provided here are links to their reporting.  

August 1, 2014: Down to the Wire: Lawmakers Have 4 weeks to Act on Assisted Living Reform

ProPublica Spotlights Risks to Assisted Living Residents

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Legislative ChangeVisitors to CARR's site, and our Twitter and Facebook followers are encouraged to read the ProPublica article "Elderly, At Risk and Haphazardly Protected" by AC Thompson and Jonathan Jones.  The article is a litany of inadequate consumer protections and lack of meaningful state oversight for assisted living facilities throughout the US.    

UT Watchdog Interviews CARR

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CARR's Chrisy Selder and Chris Murphy were interviewed by Peggy Peattie, a photo journalist with the UT.  The linked video is among eight on the UT website - each offering a different perspective about assisted living:  families who have lost loved ones due to poor care, a private attorney who litigates assisted living matters, Paul Greenwood - Assistant DA, County of San Diego - one of the nation's leading prosecutors of elder abuse, and an interview with a provider. Please check out these videos, as they add dimension to the series of three feature investigative articles running Sunday through Tuesday (9/8/13 - 9/10/13).  

Roger Hedgecock's Interview with CARR Founders

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CARR's Chrisy Selder (right) and Chris Murphy were invited to appear on UT-TV's Roger Hedgecock show on Thursday 22 August, 2013 promoting the then-upcoming series on assisted living at the UT will launching in the next few weeks (Deadly Neglect).  The interview touched on problematic features of the state's regulation of assisted living facilities (also known as residential care facilities for the elderly). Stay tuned to this space for additional links to the UT's assisted living series launch.  (This video link is reproduced with the permission of the UT.) 

Facility Shop with your Ipad

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All you web-savvy users can now easily access using your ipad.  And because your ipad defaults to Safari as the browser, you will optimally see the site and all its contents.  So now, while you are out and about, taking tours of the RCFEs of interest to you, you are now able, with a login, to access the public documents on our site, in real time while.  Use our public documents to inform the questions you ask the facility administrator or licensee. Also, this site is easily and dynamically displayed on your phone, tablet or other platform. 

Raroque Receives Conviction

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Elder JusticeCARR previously reported on the Department of Justice proceedings against Wilhemina Aquino-Raroque, 62, and one-time Licensee of three San Diego RCFEs: Golden Age Residential, Happiness Villa and Lakeview  Residential, for multiple charges including theft.  Felony Minutes – Pronouncement of Judgment for Sentencing dated 7 November, 2012 reveal that charges against  Raroque were reduced to misdemeanors from the original two felony counts of grand theft, California Penal Code 487(a).  Presiding Judge K  Michael Kirkman sentenced defendant to 6 days in county jail, and formal probation of 3 years, which will be vacated upon Defendant’s completion of 100 hours of community volunteer work.

Joaquin Anguera, CARR Board Member, Featured in "Notes to Our Sons & Daughters"

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Dr. Joaquin Anguera, a CARR founding Board Member, was featured in an exhibit entitled "Notes to our Sons and Daughters" benefiting San Diego's Senior Community Centers.  The project features San Diego personalities photographed by Philipp Scholz Ritterman.  While the photos were being taken, the individuals shared short oral histories from which life lessons and inspirational words were excerpted.  Dr. Angera's conversation and words of wisdom were captured and can be viewed link.