Date: Facility file last reviewed by CARR

The date CARR last reviewed the public file on any specific facility in CARR's database, is featured prominently on the Facility Search profile results - directly under the facility phone number in a large gray box.  When the file is next reviewed, the new date of CARR's review will be posted.  The data CARR presents for that facility existed in the file on that date.  We do not scan all documents in the public file; rather we scan those that have the highest volume of information required by the consumer in order to make a placement decision. 

During CARR's research, many files were found to be incomplete and outdated.  If you are concerned that the specific facility you are considering is missing documentation that you would find helpful in making your placement decision, upon question, CARR will be pleased to reevaluate the file at CCLD for you Contact Us.  You can also contact CCLD directly to inquire about file access and updates. 

If you have public documents about an RCFE, and would like to see them posted, please Contact UsIf they meet our requirements, we will post them for you.