Civil Penalties: What are?

Title 22, §87761

Whenever a deficiency is noted during an inspection, CCL is required by law to issue a penalty notice (commonly called a citation). The Licensee is then on notice to correct the deficiency within a specified amount of time.   If a cited deficiency is not corrected within the specified amount of time , then a Civil Penalty (monetary damages) may be issued. Licensees are required to pay civil penalties; they range from $50 to $150 per day per violation.

Notwithstanding the above requirement, Civil Penalty  issues immediately under the following circumstances: 

  • $100/day for failure to obtain a Criminal Record Clearance or criminal record exemption on individuals working, residing or volunteering in the facility.  Subsequent violations within 12-month period will result in a $100/violation per day penalty for a maximum of 30 days.
  • $150/day for any deficiency resulting in sickness, injury or death of a client.
  • $150/violation for one day for a facility that violates the same regulation subsection within a 12-month period.  A penalty of $50/day, per cited violation, shall be assessed until the deficiency is corrected.  If cited again for same regulation subsection within a 12-month period, then $1,000 per cited violation for one day should be assessed, with $100/day, per cited violation until deficiency is corrected.

Regulations mention that "if necessary, a site visit shall be conducted immediately or within 5 working days to confirm that the deficiency has been corrected".