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CARR's Donors, Interns and Volunteers articles keep consumers and interested professionals apprised of trending issues in the both the interns and volunteers arenas.

Donors, Interns & Volunteers / Donors

What is Cy Pres?  

When a class action lawsuit prevails, the defendant entity is ordered to pay restitution or other punitive financial damages to the class.  The courts require that every effort is made to award to class members.  Where it is not possible to directly distribute all monies to class members, or when there are residual funds after all payouts have been made, a cy pres distribution may be made. 

Donors, Interns & Volunteers / Volunteers

CARR is always in need of volunteers to help us mine public data; the day that Mr. Dylan Petersen found us, we got very lucky.  He heard the task we wanted him to explore, and he was off and running.  Dylan's volunteered in the spring of 2016, preceding his May graduation when he received his B. S.  in statistics from San Diego State University, graduating with summa cum laude honors.

Donors, Interns & Volunteers / Volunteers

CARR strives to develop and grow itself as an evidence-based advocacy organization.  And evidence means numbers and data mining.  As an intern with CARR, Daniel's job was to use his technical background to analyze and process data that could be used to answer real-world questions related to CARR’s advocacy goals. He first took the raw, unformatted datasets provided by the California Secretary of State and the Community Care Licensing Division (CCL) and formatted the data making them easy to interpret and extract information.  

Donors, Interns & Volunteers / Interns

CARR's internship program was created in 2012; since then we have a field-intern site for San Diego State University, University of California - Irvine, California State University at Fullerton, and American River College.  We attract Gerontology, as well as Criminal Justice and Public Administration majors.  CARR's unique internship program consists of harvesting public records from the state's regulatory agency over assisted living facilities - Community Care Licensing (CCL).

Donors, Interns & Volunteers / Interns

You do offer the best learning in town!"-- SDSU School of Social Work

Are you interested in investigative research?  Are you passionate about elder justice or government transparency?  Are you curious about our aging population and how it affects policy?  Consumer Advocates for RCFE Reform (CARR) is a San Diego-based, advocacy organization dedicated to improving resident care in assisted living facilities by educating consumers and increasing industry accountability.  Our work is exclusively based on the public documents we harvest from California’s Department of Social Services and other state and local agencies since 2009.  We are a small team with a novel perspective and a lot of enthusiasm.